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It all started when…

On a chilly but sunny October day back in the early 80s I took my first photograph. I can safely say it was in probably the ugliest spot in Venice (yes, such a thing exists believe me!).

My father was an avid amateur photographer and always had a camara bag on his shoulder and camara in hand... I had been badgering him for ages to let me have a go, but as I was only 7 he was a bit reluctant to hand me his pride and joy 1936 Leica.

Eventually he gave in (mainly to shut me up!) and after a short lecture on light, exposure, framing and keeping a steady hand he posed with my mom and I 'clicked' my first click...and I was hooked!

When the slides arrived, he was surprised to see that I had actually taken a decent if slightly slanted photo and that Christmas he bought me my first camara! You know those flat 80's camaras that you wound on, used film and had a screw-on flash bulb - I was beyond excited!

A quote that sums me up!

Some days I amaze myself...
Other days I put my purse in the fridge.
— Anon

Some Trivia...