MY first photo…

On a chilly but sunny October day back in the early 80s (eek!) I took my first photograph. I can safely say it was in probably the ugliest spot in Venice, Italy (yes, such a thing exists believe me!).

My father was an avid amateur film photographer and always had a camara in hand... I had been badgering him for ages to let me have a go, but as I was only 7 he was a bit reluctant to hand me his pride and joy 1936 Leica.

Eventually he gave in (mainly to shut me up!) and after a short lecture on light, exposure, framing and keeping a steady hand he posed with my mom and I 'clicked' my first click...and I was hooked!

When the slides arrived, he was surprised to see that I had actually taken a decent if slightly slanted photo and that Christmas he bought me my very first camara! An 80's camara that you wound on, used film and had a screw-on flash bulb - I had so much fun with it until I broke it through over-use…whoops!





Cup of tea, darling?

My heritage is half British…My father was English so I was educated in the land of endless cups of tea, grey skies & drizzle, picture-perfect villages, lush green gardens, Monty Python and an addiction to saying ‘sorry’…



I LOVE food! Prepping it, cooking it, & eating it…

My favorite way to eat is Tapas, little variety plates of food, copious good wine & friends. I use my grandmother’s recipes for authenticity and they are always super popular at dinner parties!


La la la…

Eclectic is probably the best way to describe my taste! I was brought up on classical music (my father was a music snob!) and played guitar & piano. Once I got to high school I started to discover all kinds of music and since then I have been on a magical journey of discovery…



The other half of my heritage?

Well my Mum was from Seville, Spain so I was brought up surrounded by flamenco, sun, tapas, fiestas and passion…a real treat and inspiration.


Cookbook crazy!

My name is Nuria and I have a cookbook obsession…

I love a good cookbook, I love learning new amazing dishes from around the world with all the incredible flavors, ingredients and history.

One of my favorites is this Moroccan cookbook by Ghillie Basan.

I love cookbooks so much I am even writing a cookbook myself based on the traditional recipes and history of Spanish Cooking.



The world is an amazing place and when I can I love to travel.

I am lucky enough to say that I have traveled to most corners and I even lived in Africa for a few years.